8 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PCs and Mac to Run iOS Apps


Are you one of those who are desiring to use an iPhone or iPad but doesn’t have it? Just Like me 😜.

So I got you that you need to run IOS on your PC right? 😜 As you are short on money but need to experience an IOS device then you are at the right place, as today we will be discussing on the best IOS emulators for windows to run IOS apps and games on your phone or even feel IOS on your PC.

Best iOS Emulators

If you are feeling bad due to the fact that you don’t have enough money to buy expensive iPhone or iPad, do not worry as in this post we will discuss regarding the best IOS emulators that let you run your favorite IOS app on your Windows Laptop/PC not only that it will let you experience an iPhone/iPad on your PC, Aren’t you excited? 😉

What Exactly is an iOS Emulator?

Before we begin we should know what IOS Emulator is 🤔? IOS Emulator is a software or even an app the lets you install or run any IOS apps on your Windows/Mac computer. In short, emulators enable users to run any IOS apps or games on their computer just like Apple Devices. Emulators are specially built for apps and games developers so that they can test their apps before pushing it to App Store. Technically speaking an Emulator is a software that helps one computer ( host ) to behave like another computer system ( guest ) In other words emulator enables the host computer to run software designed for the guest computer, Let’s not get into the discussion of What is IOS Emulator 😌 You can read more about Emulators Here

What’s the use of iOS Emulators?

As we discussed earlier, IOS Emulators are specially made for developers apps and game developers to test their application in the process of developments, there is not only IOS Emulators out there but many others like Android, Windows, Mac Emulators. Keeping its use for developers aside you can use it for entertainment purpose to play games, use apps, listen to music or even watching movies or tv shows on it!

As most of the Emulators are open source ( free ) and are easy to install with no need of any coding knowledge you can have great fun with it! So keeping that in mind we have made a list of the Best IOS Emulators that you can find with no ads, So without further ado, let’s get going! 😉

Run iOS On PC with Best iOS Emulators (2018)

While they are a ton of IOS emulators or even simulators out there in the market, we have sorted out the best ones for you, while some are completely free and are open source, some offer limited period trail time then after a couple of bucks 💵.

Pros and Cons of Using Emulators. 🤔

  • Some Emulators Work Completely Online.
  • Most of the Emulators are Free!
  • Emulators are great for testing new apps.
  • We can choose different operating systems.
  • Emulators are great to find bugs in the app.
  • Some offline Emulators need heavy hardware.
  • The performance will not be that great.
  • Controls are a bit uncomfortable.
  • They can’t produce every sensor type.
  • You may face some glitches here and there.


As the name tells iPadian is for those are into running iPad on your Windows/Mac, it is probably the best iPad simulator for Windows to run IOS apps or games 🎮. iPadian is a nifty tool that will transform your desktop UI to make it look like Apple iPad.  UI of iPadian is so much similar to that of iPad so you will get the perfect feeling of using iPad on your PC, when you start using this software it will be so really feeling to that of iPad. Using iPadian you can easily install any IOS apps or games on your Windows PC that will run very smoothly.

iPadian is completely free to use but then they also offer a paid plan that comes around 10$, 🤑 with the free version, there are some limitations in choosing apps to run on the emulator and also it contains some commercials here and there. Choosing the paid version you will not have any commercials and you are free to use or upload and use any apps or games you desire!

How to use iPadian Emulator to run IOS apps on Windows?

Install and using this software is as simple as download it and clicking on install then BOOM! 💥 You will have a fully blown iPad on your Windows/Mac computer! that too on a full screen, As we discussed earlier the UI is very similar to that of Apple iPad so the icons the navigations keys are also same like an iPad. When you first install the emulator it will have some basic apps like calendar, calculator, app store and few more, not to forget you can always install any apps or games you need to run via the app store! What else you need in a free emulator? 😛

Some of the best features iPadian offers are :

  • It is completely offline so you can access it everywhere you need without any internet connection just like Bluestacks.
  • Lightweight software just under 30 MB!
  • The free version allows you to play all the popular apps and games out there.
  • Access music stored on your computer on iPadian!
  • Playing IOS games on your computer will help you in saving battery of your phone for using it when you need it most 😛



Appetize allows you to create/develop IOS and Android applications on your cloud device, it has iPhones and even iPad for IOS and for Android it has Google Nexus phones built right in so that you can have an experience of it, you can use the demo emulator directly on their website. Appetize is the best alternative to App.io and probably the next choice after App.io.

How to use Appetize Emulator?

Using Appetize emulator is a very easy thing, but using their demo version which lasts for only 60 seconds will not let you install an app. So if you need to test any specific Android or IOS app, you need to sign up for their trial account and then upload the app on to their website then after they will mail you emulated app link to your registered mail id, As simple as that! The best thing about Appetize is that you don’t need to download any software it is completely operated via browser, with a good internet speed you could use iPhone on your browser! 😉

We could easily say Appetize is one of the best emulators out there as it will give us a variety of options to choose from like choosing which iPhone model you need to test with an option to select the IOS version you need to test it too, not only IOS but also same goes with Google Phones from selecting the phone to selecting the Android version! 😍

Pricing of Appetize is very simple, with the trial plan you will get free 100 minutes of emulator then $0.05 per minute.


3AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone is a completely free emulator especially for those who want to experience iPhone! Using a AIR iPhone feels so natural as if we are using a real iPhone.📱 This emulator is made using Adobe AIR Software that emulates iPhone’s GUI. This software is very useful especially for developers as one can upload their app and run via AIR Phone. Opening up AIR Phone gives us the interface of an old iPhone with navigation buttons to close the app or go to home.

This emulator comes with most of the built-in apps on IOS devices such as mail, calendar, calculator, clock, camera,📸  notes and many more. AIR iPhone may not be fully functional with all the apps out there due to the fact that the hardware has not yet been configured correctly.

How to Install and use AIR iPhone to run iOS on your Windows PC?

Installing and using AIR iPhone is very easy, just downloading it from the link below and installing it! To run this software smoothly of your computer you need to have Adobe Air framework. Using this software it will give you an iPhone experience horizontally but then you can switch it to vertical by clicking the button on the top right corner.

As we discussed earlier AIR iPhone is specially made for developers for their apps and games testing purpose. People like you and me can also use it to get an experience of iPhone📱 and also this is completely ad-free and the main con of this is that the most of the new apps and games won’t work as expected and this software emulates a very old version of iPhone. But then as a free version, it gets the job done! 😊

4MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is one of best IOS emulators out there, it has very good user interface with so many built-in features like changing the startup logo, changing the placements of navigation buttons, changing the fonts and many more, you should definitely try it yourself 😛 MobiOne Studio not only lets you run IOS but also Android which is a pretty good addon here.

Although MobiOne Studio is not available for free you can always avail their trial version which gives all the features and it is more than enough. Using MobiOne Studio we can use any IOS or Android app easily without any hip ups or lags. This software is built using HTML 5 Hybrid app model and with some couple of open source frameworks like Cordova or PhoneGap.

What Features MobiOne Studio offers?

Using MobiOne Studio Emulator one can create fundamental Android and IOS apps easily. There is so much you can o with this emulator making apps, create customized icon for apps and also customized navigation buttons, not only that while designing any icons or app on the software it will give you a live preview of what you are doing so that it will be easier for you to know how it will be on the real iPhone which is great feature!

Some of the best features MobiOne offers are :

  • iPhone app designing and navigation icon designing is built right in!
  • You can choose between Android or IOS.
  • An option to choose between iPhone and iPad.
  • Drag and drop interface layout on both portrait and landscape mode.
  • MobiOne’s technology will allow the user to test with different screen resolution.

5iPhone Simulator

As the name implies iPhone Simulator is iPhone Simulator. 😝 If you are dreaming to use your favorite iPhone apps or games then this software is for you, as it will do just that. Using this software you can install and use any of the supported IOS apps and developers can test their apps by uploading their app onto the simulator, but this feature is not that stable so you might face errors here and there.

As purchasing iPhone is hell expensive for someone like me, this software makes sure all the users get to experience iPhone on a Windows computer with its simulator. This software is pretty similar to the earlier simulator we talked about that is the iPadian.

What does iPhone Simulator offer for you?

This iPhone Simulator comes with great graphics and allows you to test all the latest features of iPhone. It will let you access the basic apps of iPhone such as calendar, notepad, clock and some more. Although if feels very much like as if you are using iPhone the system behind this software has not the power to get you an entire iPhone experience.

This simulator is built using Flash and will let you experience the third generation of iPhone on your Windows computer so anything more than the third generation, for instance, iPhone 4 can’t be tested on this, not to forget some of the main application on this simulator is not activated for example the Safari browser.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this Simulator is only for those of you who need to get an idea of iPhone, as some of the main features on this Simulator doesn’t work. 🙂


Smartface is an emulator technology company focusing on building cross-platform app development emulator for both Android and IOS. The smartface emulator allows you to develop and use any number of apps and emulates Android or IOS on your Windows computer for completely free of cost. Isn’t that amazing? 😉

Smartface was mainly made for developers to test their apps but then we could also use that as an emulator to run any desired app. Using this software you can emulate application on different resolution screens and also different models of iPhones ranging from iPhone 4/4s to iPhone 6s/7. To run any desired apps or games you need to head over to file then upload the app then clicking on run button will emulate that app, it’s that easy! 😃

How to use Smartface to run IOS apps on Windows PC?

Using this software you can develop any number of apps as we said earlier and also you can customize almost anything on your app like changing the font, adding images or even videos, scroll to top feature, maps and many main features like this can be added very easily within few moments!

After you develop your app you can emulate the app on this software itself or else on any Android or IOS phone by downloading and installing their app. Please do note that this feature is only available for paid members. The best feature that I love about Smartface is that not only we could develop and run IOS apps but also Android app too, with these many features also Smartface is very fast with the great user interface.


App.io is the most popular IOS emulator with its easy to build an app and clean looking interface it rocks the show! App.io will give you the most awesome feel and user interface as if you are using an Apple Device, with very similar looking navigation menu, keyword, and the built-in apps just like a real iPhone. 📱

What’s more interesting is that app.io allows you to share any app that you have developed to any of your team members with ease, irrespective of your team member using a Window or a Mac computer he/she can access the app you developed, as all the process happens in the cloud you don’t need to download or install any software for this.

How to use App.io to install IOS apps on Windows/Mac Computer?

App.io allows you to quickly upload any of your IOS or Android application onto their website, after that they will send you a link wherein you can test the app right away on your browser. No need to download any software, No hassles, No headaches. 😎 In fact, the longest process of this is uploading!

As App.io operates on HTML 5, its so much faster than the other emulators on the list and also unlike the other emulators on the list, this program doesn’t need you to install flash as it works completely online!


RunThatAppis the newest emulator on lists, it is a new startup that helps developers and people like you and me to test the builds of the apps that they build right on their browser, You heard it right? Browsers! 😍 Yes, RunThatApp completely runs on a browser with no need to download any software on Computer!

As Runthatapp completely runs on a browser it can be accessed by anywhere irrespective of Windows or Mac computer. The pricing plan of Runthatapp is really simple they charge $0.05 for every minute you use their software, if you need to test their software before buying you can go to their demo page and click play, it will emulate iPhone right away! 😯

How to use RunThatApp to use IOS apps on a browser?

Using this emulator is straightforward just after your purchase their plan or choosing the demo after that click on the play button that is all it, it will instantly emulate iPhone on your browser screen, it is as easy as playing a video on YouTube. 😛

Okay, if you need to run any specific app or even test your own app, you just need to upload the app onto to their website and click on the play button, then BOOM! 💥 It will emulate the app you uploaded within few movements.

Using RunThatApp is very secure once you are done uploading the app and testing it out, just exit the browser screen, it won’t leave any codes behind and it will destroy the emulated iPhone as you exit.

Holy! 🤔 Did I just miss to tell you that this website will help you to emulate Android OS and run or even test your desired app on the browser!

Final Thoughts

Okay so, these were the iOS Emulators that are best in class in the market right now. I know there are some more iOS emulators out there but then we tested all of them and these were the top performing ones and my top pics, although the best one will be chose by one who needs this emulator and the type of features he/she needs.

After testing all the above emulators I can say that these are excellent some are free and are open source while some are paid ones, I recommend you to first test out the trial versions of the paid ones before actually buying it, also some of the emulators are not meant to used on an old hardware computers as they will not give you the experience you need.

We can easily say that iPhones are not everyone’s cup of coffee due to its high cost, but then it should not keep away people from getting an experience of iPhone, So through these emulators, one can easily experience high-cost iPhone using their Windows/Mac computer


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